Brazilian Journal of Thermal Analysis - Edition 2013

Synthesis, characterization and thermal behavior of solid state 2-methoxybenzylidenepyruvate of alkali earth metals, except beryllium and radium

Effect of hydrochloric acid in different concentrations and temperatures up to some properties of organic cassava starch

Thermal behavior of malonic acid, sodium malonate and its compounds with some bivalent transition metal ions in dynamic N2 and CO2 atmospheres

Determination of calcium in tablets containing calcium citrate using thermogravimetry (TG)

Synthesis, Characterization and Thermal Behavior of Solid-State Compounds of Light Trivalent Lanthanide Malonates

Comportamento térmico do fármaco e do medicamento contendo Cetoprofeno

Preparation, characterization and thermal decomposition of sodium and potassium salts of dithiocarbamate

Solid state thermal and spectroscopic studies on the antibiotic amoxicillin trihydrate

Uso de curvas termogravimétricas para a determinação do teor de mineralização em hidrogéis

Synthesis, characterization and thermal analysis of solid-state lanthanide mandelates in CO2 and N2 atmospheres


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DOI 10.18362/bjta

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